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Six Planning Tools To Set You Up For An Amazing 2020

Six Planning Tools To Set You Up For An Amazing 2020

An Organised Life A2 Wall Planner
An Organised Life A2 Wall Calendar

2020 is less than 8 weeks away and it is an exciting one as it is going to be the start of a new decade AND a leap year. One of the things I love doing in preparation for a new year is purchasing a planner and filling in all the important dates that I’m currently aware of. 

I love using different forms of planning as they give me the option to plan in depth, have a snapshot, update my plans on the go and also have a reminder a few days ahead of important dates. So I use the calendar on my phone as it is also linked to my laptop, an annual dated planner and a bullet journal. If it isn’t already obvious, I LOVE to plan.

I’m already on the lookout for 2020 planners and I’ve shortlisted my favourites so far.

1// An Organised Life A2 Wall Calendar. If you’re looking for a joint calendar/family calendar to note down significant dates that is visible to everyone, this is a great option to consider. I like it because it’s a simple white colour and gives you an opportunity to personalise it as you wish using washi tape, highlighters and different coloured pens. It’ll also fit in nicely with any home décor you currently have.

2// Saint Belford Curation 2020 Planner. Where do I start? This planner is loaded with features to help you prepare for your best year yet. One of the standout features for me are the worksheets included to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. The worksheets help you refine your mission statement for 2020 and curate some of the habits you want to develop. It also includes a pre-week planner and a weekly planner to make sure you’re armed with all the tools you need to conquer the world! If you decide to go with this planner, make sure you get it a few weeks in advance so that you have time to fill it out and do some reflection as you review how your year went, and the changes you need to implement in the coming year.

Saint Belford Curation 2020 Planner

3// Kikki.K Planners. Kikki.K has been available for a long time and their main selling point for me are the options available in size, colours and the stickers that you easily have access to.

4// The Inspired Stories 2020 lifestyle planner. I’ve used these planners for 2 years in a row and have loved them each year. Two of the features that stand out for me are being able to review the year that was (for example, 2019) and create a story/vision board for yourself for the new year (2020). Having a vision board is a big deal for me as it allows me to see all that I want to achieve at a glance without having to read through a list.

5// Bullet journal. I use my bullet journal for free-form planning, brainstorming and brain dumps as I need to. One of the things I love about using my bullet journal is exploring my creative side and not being restricted by any structure that’s usually included in a dated planner. For my bullet journal, I don’t create any weekly/daily spreads. I simply create a monthly calendex, plan my budget for the month and everything else is free form.

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6// Timepage app by Moleskine. I know that not everyone is keen on the layout of the standard calendar app that comes with the iPhone. I’ve played around with a few apps and the only one I always come to is the Timepage app. It is important to note that if you want to have access to all the functions of the app and update your calendar directly in the app, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $2.99 a month or $16.99 per year. I currently use the free version and this allows me to view everything that I’ve already put into my regular calendar on my phone. I love the layout of the app and the random titbits that are provided on a daily basis. I don’t feel the need to pay for this as I’m quite happy creating my events on the iPhone calendar, labelling them and putting the notes there. When I need to view all the information I’ve put in, I can then look at this app.

If you’re interested in how I go about my planning using 3 different tools, let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to do a post on this.

Which of the planners I mentioned caught your interest? Are you a fan of planning in general?

Photos courtesy of An Organised Life & Saint Belford

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  • My Kikki planner is super handy for taking quick notes and and writing ideas. Near and dear to me cause I got it from my favourite person in the world – YOU! Thanks babes.
    Great article, you really are that planning queen!

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