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Salut! My name is Stephanie and I’m the voice behind Stephanie’s Looking Glass (or SLG as I like to call it). SLG is an outgrowth of my reflections and I hope you and I can be enriched by each other’s journey as we explore, dream and discover the things that matter to us.

Reignited in February 2023 to develop my passion for a curated style, mindful beauty, and a luxurious life, Stephanie’s Looking Glass (SLG) is a place where I share my interests in conscious consumerism, cultivating a mindful beauty palette and my love for homemaking and lifestyle design. As a diasporan, I know how important it is to navigate a new environment with strength and grace. You can expect to find musings on life, beauty products, home and interiors, recipes, and so much more. This is a space that serves as a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Here at SLG, I want to encourage you to find beauty in the everyday.

The SLG Motto: Embracing Intentional Luxury

As I’ve gotten older, my views on the meaning of luxury has evolved. It has gone beyond the materialistic and financial to the experiential. I see luxury as an experience that can be distilled into everyday living. It is a condition that enables me to enjoy pleasing and satisfying experiences in varying amounts daily. Luxury is a choice. And that choice, is being intentional about embracing luxury in all its facets daily. This could be through the decisions I make and the experience that comes from it. In the things I choose to feed myself and the pleasure I derive from consuming them. Or the things I choose to invest my time and money in and the sense of ease and comfort that comes with the consumption. I choose to entertain the pleasurable, tailored, and experiential benefits that come with being intentional in my daily life. This for me, is all about embracing intentional luxury.

What does a life of true contentment, and living with intention look like?

  • You are ready to view life through rose tinted glasses. Yes, there are problems everyday and everywhere, but you don’t have to wear them on your shoulders
  • You are looking to find beauty in the everyday, no matter how little it may be
  • You’d like to stay informed on the happenings of life, without being inundated
  • You believe that creating a sanctuary is not just about creating a peaceful home, but also about guarding your heart from the noise of the world and those around you
  • You are looking to find pockets of peace where you’re able to slow down, savour simple moments and re-frame your days as needed
  • You want to form a deep appreciation for the slow moments and the steadiness of life
  • As a diasporan, you believe in having your feet firmly planted in the new place you call home and look forward to all the small ways you can bring joy into your life on the daily
  • You’re looking for a space where you can find beauty tailored to all shades of the chocolate type
  • You want to live a life that is slower and more balanced. You’re very much aware of the need to work and make a living, but you also want to be fully engaged in life
  • You want to surround yourself with necessities that are unique to you and enable you to live a full life on a daily basis
  • You believe that luxury, intention and contentment can co-exist
  • You appreciate the luxury in choice and you are excited to embrace intentional luxury into your everyday

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo DaVinci

For editorial and other enquiries, you can contact us at hello@slg.life

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