The SLG Charter

Who Is Stephanie’s Looking Glass (aka SLG) For?

It’s for the modern African woman who knows that curating a life you love is more than the highlight reel on Instagram. It’s a consolidation of all the things in life that bring joy and add that extra oomph to an ordinary day. She knows that life is an adventure that leads to an acquired taste.

She wants luxury. For her, the true definition of luxury is being able to choose. Choose what to put on her skin, choose what to wear, choose what to bring into her home and what to feed her mind. She wants to be aware but not inundated. She wants to make conscious decisions instead of following fads/trends.

She knows the why behind all her choices. Understanding this makes her choices and decisions simple.

She echoes the thoughts of Leonardo Da Vinci when he said … simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

And that’s why Stephanie’s Looking Glass exists. It’s an elevated lifestyle experience for the chocolate type. An online lifestyle destination for mindful beauty, conscious consumerism, staying motivated and finding relevance. Yes, it’s a broad approach, but all of these play a role in how we choose to live our lives.

Here at Stephanie’s Looking Glass, we believe in enjoying everything that life has to offer – the mundane, the realistic and downright frivolous things – as long as we’ve chosen to. 

So grab a cuppa and join me as I find the simple fantismo luxuries in life, romanticizing about everything and nothing. 

The goal isn’t to be perfect, but to be authentic – Iyanla Vanzant