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5 Podcasts To Get You Through Your Commute

5 Podcasts To Get You Through Your Commute

5 podcasts to get you through your commute
5 podcasts to get you through your commute

I spend a minimum of 2.5 hours daily commuting for work and when I’m not catching up on sleep or reading a book, I love listening to a podcast to get me through the commute to work. 

I love podcasts because they’re generally easy to listen to and allow me to take in my surroundings without being distracted from what I’m listening to. I also feel like the podcaster is speaking directly to me because no matter how much scripting goes into it, the audience is addressed in the first person. My husband loves listening to podcasts because it is convenient and has a certain level of intimacy that videos don’t have.

These are the 5 podcasts that I constantly listen to on my daily commute

The Simple Sophisticate Podcast. I’ve been following Shannon since she started blogging in 2009 and her I look forward to listening to a new episode every week as she brings something new (to me) on cultivating a luxurious life irrespective of your background or economic status.

Joel Osteen Podcast. Joel Osteen is my go-to podcast for sermons, and a faith boost. Whatever season in life I find myself in, there’s nothing like a good sermon to keep me going and re-affirm my faith when I feel downcast. One of the things I love about Joel’s podcast are the jokes he starts the sermon with.

College Info Geek with Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme. I started listening to College Info Geek when I was still studying in uni and continue to listen to them. I like the geeky banter between Thomas and Martin and the productivity tips they dish out.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin. This was an accidental find last year while browsing through some of the podcast suggestions I had. Gretchen co-hosts the podcast with her sister Elizabeth. The main themes discussed are around happiness, productivity and making life just a little bit more exciting. I’m currently reading Gretchen’s book titled The Happiness Project.

Redefining wealth with Patrice Washington. I stumbled on Patrice’s podcast while watching a YouTube video in December and I’ve been hooked since then. I love her approach to wealth being more than just finance – it’s also about mindset and wellbeing. One of my goals this year is to work on my money mindset and this podcast is helping me on that journey.

Over to you. What are some of your favourite ways to get through your daily commute? Do share in the comments.

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