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6 Goals I Want To Achieve Before 2019

6 Goals I Want To Achieve Before 2019

So I checked…we have exactly 64 days till January 1 2019. 

I feel two ways about the year coming to an end. On one hand, I want to skip right on to 2019 and embrace it with all the blessings and awkwardness that comes with it. On the other hand, I want the remaining days of 2018 to be slower just so I can savour it. Which begs the question: why didn’t I bother savouring all the days that went by? I guess we would never really know the answer to that.

Now that I’m very aware of the remaining days we have in the year, I’ve compiled 7 goals I would like to achieve before we ring in the New Year.

Get rid of all the things I don’t use. I have an unnecessary emotional attachment to some of the things I own. Some of these things no longer serve me but I’m still holding on to them because I either spent my hard earned coins on them, someone gave it to me as a gift, I have a memory attached to it and so forth. These items are certainly taking up physical space and possibly emotional space and I don’t want to carry them on to 2019.

Start learning a language using the Babbel app. I have a passion for learning languages and I’m a commuter. It’s a no-brainer to learn a language using an app as I always have my phone with me. This is actually one of my goals for 2019 but I’ve decided that there’s no need for me to wait until January next year to start learning.

Have a morning routine. I have somewhat of a morning routine but I cannot confidently say that the routine serves the purpose of what I want a morning routine for. So, I would like to re-evaluate this routine before the New Year to ensure that I am setting myself up for success.

Practice yoga at least once a week. For some reason, I’ve always avoided doing yoga even though I’m well aware of the benefits I can gain from being more flexible and just being in the moment. 

Be kind to myself. I have a habit of being very hard on myself when I haven’t achieved a goal/task I set out to accomplish. But with each passing day, I am reminding myself to be kind to myself in the same way that I am kind to those I love. If I skip a few workout sessions due to life, I can always do better the next week. 

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Revisit one of my favourite textbooks from my uni days. If you haven’t picked up on this yet, I love reading and I love studying. I still have some of my favourite textbooks from my undergraduate and masters and would love to delve into one of them before the year ends. There’s a different perspective gained when reading a textbook because you want to, as opposed to preparing for an upcoming test/exam.

Over to you. I would love to know some of the goals you’d like to achieve before the year runs out. It’s never too early (or too late) to start.

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