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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

… and so the New Year begins!

Wherever you are, Happy New Year!

It is my hope that you’ve ushered in the New Year in the best possible way you can – whether you’re with friends/family, enjoying a quiet one at home with a bottle of ginger beer and positive thoughts running through your mind.

I have been looking forward to 2018 with nervous excitement and trepidation. I feel like last year, and the year before it (2016), was a tumultuous year with lots of private battles punctuated by joyous moments that i’ll forever cherish. The beautiful and not-so-beautiful moments of 2017 have set me up on a trajectory of personal growth this year that I must embark on. I am grateful for all the growth moments that came my way as they all helped to shape me into the woman I am becoming.

It is my prayer that 2018 will be (y)our best year yet. The year where we soar to greater heights and infinite possibilities.

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Have a blessed one friends.

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