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My Great Expectations 2018

My Great Expectations 2018

Each year brings with it a list of small actions I want to make that will build up to bigger things and enhance my life. As I’m not a fan of resolutions, I like to refer to these actions as great expectations!

To begin, begin – Peter Nivio Zarlenga

  1. I want to create, and to be. Instead of thinking of the specifics, I want to act on it. Less lists and mind maps, more action. I want to create the life I want to live.
  2. To change my outlook and love life on a daily basis; to appreciate the now… “she loved life and it loved her right back – unknown”
  3. Expand my comfort zone. I’m not a big believer in coming out of my comfort zone. I believe that just like a muscle, my comfort zone can be expanded to include things that I wouldn’t have considered in the past. I see it as an amoeba, it is constantly changing to adapt to varying conditions
  4. Hone my personal style.
  5. To find joy in small pleasures and be a better version of myself (as I write this, I have a picture of lemon spaghetti with feta cheese in mind – like I said, small pleasures)
  6. Simplify. I am not a total minimalist in any shape or form, but I love the idea of simplifying my life as much as I can in order to create room for those things that bring pleasure. As LL Cool J once said, “simplicity provides a fine line between eloquence and plainness”.
  7. Challenge myself. My goal is to have read 12 books by the end of the year. Feel free to hold me accountable.
  8. Publish more content on
  9. Create meaningful friendships
  10. My theme for the year is to…enjoy life and live in the moment

Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it’ll be worth remembering – Fanny Crosby

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Do you have any great expectations for yourself this year? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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