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Reflecting On The Year That Was…2018

Reflecting On The Year That Was…2018

There’s something magical about being indoors in the hours leading up to the New Year. I feel calm and cushioned in the safety of a familiar environment, and being able to have a sip of milo while reflecting on the year that we’re about to leave behind. As I write this, it is 11:28pm here in Melbourne where we are crossing over into 2019.

I’ve seen a few New Year, New Me posts on Insta in preparation for 2019 and I can’t say that I’m in the headspace that would require such a phrase. I’m grateful for all the blessings and (annoying) challenges that 2018 brought my way. I can confidently say that this year forced me to grow in ways that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. But it’s all good, God dey

It was a year filled with a lot of positive self talk, a gentle health focus and conscious growth. I spent a lot of time reminding myself that I am not defined by the words and actions of others. I also took the time to be gentle with myself. Really gentle. And this in itself was a learning journey for me because I can be quite hard on myself when I don’t meet my own expectations. I’m still on this journey and look forward to continuing on this path in the new year.

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I would like to finish this post by listing some of the things that I’m grateful for.

  • My husband. I’m glad that we get to laugh together, get frustrated together and do life together.
  • Lunch chats with my husband
  • My mum and her wise counsel.
  • My work colleagues. 
  • Podcasts. My favourite throughout the year were Joel Osteen Audio and The Simple Sophisticate.
  • New beginnings and moving to a new apartment
  • The grace to kick my caffeine obsession. I can confidently say that I can count the amount of coffee I had in 2018 on both hands
  • Shared dreams
  • Eating suya on Christmas Day
  • Walking! It’s so underrated 
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